Millionaire Artist Secrets Video Course!

Learn How To Make Lots Of Money Selling Your Own Art
Online using Amazon Handmade!

(Without having to deal with the confusing
"techy stuff"!)

How would you like your own online store that sells your art for you? 

In this Course, you'll learn how to Automate your Sales and Marketing so you can focus on creating more art!
Hi! My Name is Craig Alexander.

and I have something really different and special for you.

In the past 2 years, I've been fortunate enough to have sold almost $500,000 in my own art.

I'm a landscape photographer, and I sell my work as prints (both on glossy paper and canvas) online and offline.

I started off working in Interior Design, traveling around the US, helping 1000s of families put their homes together.

I simultaneously spent 6 long years failing at 25 different art shows in the process.

It was so discouraging and frustrating. 

I just wanted to make more art, not do the selling and marketing.

I had no experience or skills in marketing and it was a long, uphill battle, with seemingly no one to guide me.

Do I sell online? Offline? I was so lost, most marketing advice online seeming to conflict with itself.

It took the better part of my 20s to figure out how to sell my own art successfully, but the principles and secrets I discovered are actually very simple.

And more importantly:


I felt almost guilty that I'd finally figured out this long-sought-after dream, so I started teaching others around me.

The first secret I discovered is the enormous power of Automation.

I do this by setting up a very simple automated "Marketing Machine" that I set up on Amazon Handmade.

I then send hungry buyers looking for what I have, to my page, and they buy. 

The printing, packaging and shipping is automated, so I get an email and that sweet "Ding" on my phone when a sale is made and money comes in. 

It's so simple, a bright child could do it, but there are many many obstacles to avoid.

By "banging my head against the wall"
1000s of times, I figured out how to navigate this.

You can too.

You can have a fully automated store that does the selling for you. 

Let this course be your roadmap of how to get there faster and easier than you can imagine, using the power of Amazon Handmade.

The fulfillment is automatic, you don't touch merchandise. 

I have not shipped a package to a customer with my own hands in almost =)

I'll show you who to do the canvas and paper printing with, and get set up quickly and easily.

You'll get my "Enterprise Level" wholesale pricing, even if you're only printing 1 or 2.

I guarantee you've never seen prices this low, and you keep a greater portion of the profit

This alone is worth 20x the cost of this course.
Once you finish this video course and you're up and running on Amazon Handmade, you can then use this same strategy to "Clone" your automated Art-Selling-Machine and set up storefronts on the following websites:

Etsy, Ebay, FineArtAmerica, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Google Shopping,, WalMart +, Shopify and many, many many more online marketplaces where hungry shoppers are looking for what YOU have to offer!

The sky is the limit for you, your art business will never be the same again!

This short and easy-to-follow Video-Course covers how to get your first store up and running with all the DO's and DON'Ts of how to make your store Sell your Art Automatically!

Millionaire Artist Secrets Video Course!

(And what you get when you sign up!)

  • ​Secret Art-Selling Automation System
Get it working for YOUR own art... No more endless hours of selling your art one-at-a-time!

  • Special Access to a Private Facebook Group
Full of fellow passionate and committed artists, that help and keep each other accountable!

  • This system is Easy and it's Fast!
 No Need For Technical Knowledge
 to start selling your art on Amazon Handmade!
Literally 100s of people asking to learn this system.

I found I can't help every artist I want to help 1-on-1 because there is so much demand.

I charge private clients at least $500+ to walk them through what they need to know to succeed.

But I wanted to make you a special offer right now.

I've condensed everything you need to know to start selling YOUR ART on Amazon Handmade, on Auto Pilot into a simple video course.

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